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Les avantages d'un partenaire en métrologie

Découvrez l'essence de la métrologie grâce à des outils de précision tels que l’inspection CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). Chaque détail méticuleusement analysé dévoile l'engagement envers la qualité et la précision. Explorez l'univers de la métrologie avancée, où la technologie CMM permet d’assurer la conformité des normes en vigueur, garantissant une excellence inégalée à chaque mesure.

What are the advantages of using a metrology partner for the inspection of complex parts?

Some of the benefits of using a CMM machine to measure your part may seem clear, but there are a whole host of reasons why this process should be integrated into your production workflow and supported by a partner like OCX. Here are the main benefits that a CMM machine can offer:

Win time and money

– Once production of a working prototype or part is complete, the success of that outcome depends entirely on the accuracy and precision of the part. As rapid manufacturing techniques become capable of producing more complex objects, measurement technologies such as CMM machines are extremely important.

Quality assurance is guaranteed 

- While there are various tools that can digitally measure and analyze your part, very few offer the reliability of a CMM machine. A CMM inspection provides unbeatable services like dimensional analysis, CAD comparison, tool certifications and reverse engineering to confidently verify every aspect of your design with an increased degree of repeatability. With qualified staff, OCX ensures guaranteed results.

Versatile with multiple probes and techniques

– While complex parts and assemblies may seem difficult to measure, CMM machines are compatible with various instruments to capture with the dimensions derived from the design.

Thus OCX will respond to the following key points:

- Full support of the quality department according to the following standards:

  • AS9100

  • IATF 16949

  • ISO13485

- Programming

- Implementation

- Training and coaching

- Quality management

- FAI management

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