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Ultra precise 3D scanner

Experience the excellence of modern metrology with our state-of-the-art 3D scanner. Our cutting-edge technology redefines the standards for accuracy and efficiency, providing a highly reliable measurement solution for your most demanding metrology needs.

OCX acquires a new 3D scanner type HandySCAN 3D

Despite the current crisis, OCX is working to continue improving its services by ensuring that it uses the most efficient tools in the industry. With the acquisition of this new 3D scanner from Créaform, OCX will be able to cover all needs in metrology and reverse engineering. Aerospace, automotive, energy are some areas for which OCX works to offer fully integrated services.

The HandySCAN 3D CRÉAFORM  provides results accurate up to 0.04 mm (40µ). Based on crossed laser technology, it allows it to take measurements of complex surfaces. In addition, thanks to dynamic referencing, the scanner and the part can move when taking measurements, without the quality and precision of the scanning being affected. OCX will therefore be able to carry out high precision dimensional qualification of its own parts manufactured by 3D printing and machined.

In the context of reverse engineering, OCX ensures data acquisition allowing the reconstruction of physical elements or the creation of an environmental footprint. With its expertise in engineering, OCX will manage the entire project, 3D design until certification of the work.

With exceptional colorimetry that can be achieved on various mechanical parts, meticulously measured using our cutting-edge metrology methods. Each nuance reveals unrivaled precision, ensuring visual quality and compliance with the strictest standards. Explore our achievements through our metrological expertise at OCX.

An increasingly common trend

With its generalization, data acquisition by digital scanning is finding more and more applications. Mainly used for reverse engineering, in the fields of arts, entertainment, archeology and heritage management (to reconstruct objects from found fragments) it is intended to be used in several other applications, notably in dimensional qualification (metrologie) with the aim of validate the conformity of parts according to the criteria of the field of application.

This tool is revolutionizing the medical sector in particular, making it possible to offer tailor-made solutions to patients such as corsets, implants or even prostheses adapted to the patient's ergonomics. With an ever more personalized approach, it meets the highest criteria.

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